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Health First Wellness Center Testimonials

I have had headaches since I was very young, about 7 years old and they came as frequently as 3-4 times a week. These headaches were incredibly severe and would cause pain that is unimaginable. At the end of 2010 I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) which has caused great pain in my joints, specifically hands, feet and back. I have been told many different things, mostly that this is a problem that I will just have to deal with because it has been going on for so long. Pain medication helped but had negative side effects and didn’t correct the problem.

The biggest result I have had since becoming a patient is that overall, I feel better. Having a 3-pronged approach through chiropractic, massage, and personal training has reduced my amount of headaches by more than 75% in addition to that I have lost over 25 lbs. I feel that my future will be better given this healing. Reducing my own personal stress and the stress of my bones and joints will be a great benefit in the long run. Reducing the amount of pain I have also helps my mental stress.

Not only do you heal during your appointments but the health care professionals at Health First Wellness give you the tools to continue healing away from your appointments so you can get the best out of your education and better your health in numerous ways.

Jennifer K

I first came to Dr. Elahi at Health First wellness Center August 10th 2009, I was suffering from back pain and leg pain after I was in a car accident in February. I was experiencing pain daily, the pain was so intense that doctors wanted to do surgery on me. I invested a lot of time and money into getting rid of this pain. I was taking different medications, foot surgery as well as an epidural in my back. I’ve also gone through physical therapy, acupuncture and vitamins.

My result of doing those treatment options were not not good, I was still depressed and in a lot of pain. I was getting very fed up with dealing with it on a daily basis.

The doctors said that unless I had surgery I would be in pain forever. I was very depressed and the use of medications was becoming very overwhelming.

With Chiropractic I’ve had great results. I am almost pain free and my depression is gone. I am able to do many activities such as walking my dog, sitting on the floor, sitting up and much more. I am truly happy and blessed.

I would definitely recommend chiropractic care, it was awesome! It’s professional but personable. The doctor and staff know the needs of their patients, and I love coming in because I am so happy and pain free. Dr. Elahi is so kind, he listens to my needs and knows the plan to help and keep me pain free. He wants his patients to live a successful life and know the plan to keep them pain free.


My results were remarkable! Within in 2 weeks of chiropractic treatment, I was able to resume my activities without pain and no limping. I received very intensive treatment and come immediate relief. I also have so much energy now. Since I am a senior, medicare and supplemental insurance has covered all of our treatments. I just noticed also that I can walk greater distances without hip pain and my gait is much straighter.

I believe chiropractic treatment should be initiated with regular medical treatments. They should work in conjunction. When your spine is aligned properly, and the nerves are receiving their signals, the body can function optimally. I believe that once and immediate problem is addressed and corrected, it is necessary to continue ‘tune up’ visits to keep functioning optimally. This is also and educational opportunity to learn exercise and nutritional into to use at home. You become advocate for your health.

I would also add that complete treatment including massage, hot or cold packs, PT and adjustment is a wonderful plan of care. Dr. Elahi’s staff is so caring, personal and compassionate, as well as competent and efficient. It’s a wonderful nurturing environment for healing. My husband and I come together. I also feel very relaxed and have feeling of general well being when my treatment is finished.

Carol F

I came to health First in May of 2008 because I was experiencing severe back pain. I have been dealing with my scoliosis since I was a child. Since I was 23, I’ve had to put up with severe back pain. My arthritis has developed over the years. Only in the past three years have I suffered from Fibromyalgia. My neck pain is recent and can be severe I know it is a result of arthritis. I was treated by doctors for many years and have been on narcotic pain medications for much of my life. Currently I only take Lyrica for pain.

To a certain extent, many doctors have led me to believe that I would just have to live with my pain. I can’t say how many doctors have said that exactly, but there were many. After coming here I found out that I don’t have to live with this pain forever and every time I came here I got better and closer to being pain free. I did not have to pay anything out of pocket, because insurance covered most to all costs. I know that I will feel better than ever and my future is in good hands now from Dr. Elahi’s chiropractic team.

I would definitely recommend chiropractic care to anyone who is suffering from unnecessary pain. I am very pleased now that I am free from most of the pain that I have been suffering from for a long time. Now I am positive about my future treatment with Chiropractic.


I came Dr. Elahi at Health First Wellness Center suffering from extreme back pain, left arm and arthritis of the spine. The backache started about 40 years ago and continues on and off. Left arm pain is gone due to shots in my neck. At times my back pain was level 5, after alignment, massage therapy and exercises the pain level is down to 1.

I have gone to medical doctors and have spent thousands of dollars on injections to me neck, arm and back. The shots got rid of the pain in my neck and arm but not my back. I took medications with no noticeable results. I have had to live with a lot of pain for many , many years.

Since coming to Health First Wellness Center I have had good results and felt good when leaving the office after treatments. I have spend approximately $500 on treatment. I feel alignment to the spine is critical for any pain you have in the limbs. I also think it is crucial for anyone that has pain to exercise or do stretches to keep the body limber.


I came to Dr. Elahi at Health First Wellness Center suffering from extreme neck pain and fibromyalgia. I have suffered from extreme pain for the past 10 years. After trying a lot of different medications a medical doctor suggested I try going to a chiropractor for treatment.

I have had very poor results with other treatments including drugs and physical Therapy. Two medical doctors told me I would have to live with the pain.

I have had great success here. I find a combination of getting adjusted and getting a massage really helps my pain. I came in in pain and leave pain free. I think coming to a chiropractor is the best route to go. I have felt so much better since coming to Health First and it is all natural. Everyone here has been so helpful and the staff is very professional.


I came to Health First in April 2008 suffering from headaches, stiffness, neck pain especially on my left side of the neck. I do have Rheumatoid Arthritis, and I thought the pain might be due to that condition and it would probably come and go. I had not tried any other therapy or treatments until I had seen Dr. Elahi.

Dr. Chaudry had suggested that I see Dr. Elahi, since he is my Rheumatologist at the same office- he’s great too! Since seeing Dr. Elahi my results have been TERIFFIC! No more headaches, stiffness, or pain and I sleep better too!

I feel my future will be better due to chiropractic care, and I have learned through exercise adjustments, and following the therapy problem I’ve realized that I can live without the extra pain and stiffness. I would of course recommend chiropractic care to others. Dr. Elahi, Andrei and Crystal have been amazing and they listened to all my complaints and worked with me to make me feel better.

I’ve stayed with eating right with Multi-Form Fitness, and with their exercise program it makes it easy and it really works.


I have experienced pain on and off over the past 10 years. The pain occurs in several places. It has been on the top of my head where it feels as though a nail is embedded. At times it would shoot down my neck, arm and hand. I would describe my neck as stiffening concrete. I had a difficult time turning my head from side to side, especially if I had maintained a position for awhile. It was difficult to drive. Other times I had pain in my lower back. That occurred less frequently, but would be paralyzing.

I saw a medical doctor who told me to do traction at home and prescribed me pain killers and muscle relaxers. He said there was nothing else to be done. I continued to experience pain which increased over time. Eventually I had ibuprofen poisoning and could not sit for longer than 10 minutes.

I heard about Dr. Elahi’s practice because my mother was referred to the pain clinic. In June 2007 I first came to see Dr. Ehahi because I was experiencing pain in my lower back. It was very difficult for me to walk. Dr. Elahi treated me using electrical stimulation, maual therapy and acupuncture , physical therapy and adjustments. Within 2 weeks I was better. I have free movement of my neck which I have not experienced most of my adult life. I have a much better understanding of my body and a greater awareness of its tensions and needs. I have been provided with stretches and exercises to do at home to be more proactive. I believe Dr. Elahi’s holistic approach to physical health provides relief, healing and awareness. I highly recommend him and his staff.


I came to Health First suffering from extreme pain on the right side of my neck. I also experienced tingling and numbness at times down my right arm. The pain was so severe I could not focus or concentrate on anything else. No position was comfortable. The pain started ten years prior and I received immediate osteopathic therapy for about three weeks. After I was released from care I was asked to continue the exercises but discomfort and sensitivity was always with me.

Since starting Physical Therapy and Chiropractic care the results have been great. My neck pain is completely gone and I feel I have more flexibility. I am now even eating mostly organic foods, exercising consistently and continue to receive adjustments at Health First. I strongly believe that these lifestyle changes are improving the quality of my life.

Thank you all at Health First for the collaborative care, expertise and the friendly way you interacted with me. Coming to you was like coming to a friend who knew exactly what I needed.


I have been suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis, globulin anemia, asthma, allergies and spinal stinosis for a long time. I saw an orthopedist, pain management, primary physician and neurologist. I had surgery and it took me years to recover from it. I have also spent thousands of dollars on treatment.

I went through surgery and was put on a lot of medication. The medical doctors told me I would have to live with the pain and possibly have to have more surgery.

Since becoming a patient of Dr. Elahi in 2006 the results have been amazing. I feel so much better, stronger and have a lot more energy.

I would definitely recommend chiropractic treatment and Dr. Elahi to others. I am in so much less pain on a daily basis. I feel it is important to stick with the program that Dr. Elahi makes out and to continue on with the maintenance program when the original program is finished.


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Rachel G.

 “This place is healing my soul and my body. After countless different therapies to help heal my neck and shoulder pain Dr. Brosio and Dr. Lorenz have given me hope in my healing and I feel so grateful to have found them. I feel like I’m finally getting my body to an aligned place and I don’t have to live with the pain anymore.”

Jordan S.

“I have been a patient for a few months now and I have loved all my visits! My back and neck pain has improved significantly and the staff is amazing! Everyone is great and super friendly. They listen to your needs and help you get better.”